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If you're searching for someone who knows about dogs, loves to help you and your dogs, and walks the talk, then look no further - you've hit the jackpot!

Canine Balance has proudly been helping dogs and their owners since 2007 and is just a phone call or email away.

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Dog Massage Therapy

Discover the secrets of how to improve and maintain your dog’s mobility ...


Senior Dog Treatment

When your dog is not able to climb the stairs, jump on and off the furniture ...


Dog Cross Fit Training

Our dog cross fit training programs are a blend of balance, flexibility, endurance ...


Soft Tissue Injuries & Lameness

Is your dog having difficulty putting its foot down or walking with a limp ...


Post Surgery Treatment

What happens when your dog gets hurt or suffers an injury?  Helping injured dogs get back on all feet fast ...



Whether it's Dog performance, Dog Massage, or Puppy Training, Canine Balance has you covered.  Our ...