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What’s Your Dog Saying To You?

Identify your dog’s common symptoms, or signs of musculoskeletal conditions in just 3 minutes,
and discover 
how our guide affects the kind of treatment your dog needs.

Dogs are like humans - they, too, suffer aches and muscular pains that can be easily treated.

Your dog will thank you for it!

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Dogs just love to run and play!

In fact, that’s one of the things that makes healthy dogs so enjoyable – their ability to make the most out of life. I am very passionate about taking a leaf out of their book and helping to educate dog owners on how to keep their dogs walking, running and jumping pain-free every day.

Our clients implement optimal dog health fast, getting everything they need to succeed all in one place.  We are changing dogs' lives!

What can you expect from a Canine Balance experience?

Canine Balance is all about your dog's well-being and keeping your dog moving, pain-free, and having fun for as long as possible. And the more fun you both have, the more motivated you will be to get the best out of life. 


Life for your beloved pet doesn't have to be filled with pain and angst.  Tap into valuable secrets and learn how to maintain a long and healthy life together.


Alongside like-minded owners, you'll learn how to better care for your beloved pet, with dog performance training, puppy training, and dog massage training.


Learn how to recognise when your dog is injured and/or experiencing pain and know what to do; apply massage techniques to alleviate pain or strain, without having to leave your home.


Canine Balance offers specialised treatment, including post-surgery and geriatric treatment.  Your dog is treated as an individual and professionally assessed, and a treatment plan is then formulated according to its individual needs and restrictions.


Canine Balance offers a range of other products and services to choose from, including videos, how-to guides, and checklists which are of exceptional value to our clients.

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Hi, I'm Sarah McFarlane

I help busy dog owners develop healthy mobility in their dogs, increasing vitality and longevity.

Because in this day and age, dogs just don’t live long enough! Your dog can avoid pain and mobility issues by giving them the quality health care they deserve.

Whether you have a beloved companion or a sports dog, we have effective, safe, achievable massage and fitness programs for you and your dog.


Watch this video to see how we can do great things together for our dogs!
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What our clients are saying ...

Michelle Graham

Canine Massage Training

"I would recommend the Canine Massage workshop to anyone with a dog..young or old, sporty or not. It’s an opportunity to bond with your dog in a relaxed and non-formal environment."

Helen Strong

Tassie Flying Paws Coordinator/Trainer

"I would recommend anyone who cares about the long term health of their dogs, or who already suspects their dog is struggling physically, to attend one of Sarah’s workshops."

Georgia Murphy

Our Staghound Dogs

"I would recommend Canine Balance’s services to pet owners struggling with getting the right care for their dog. I feel those with performance dogs would benefit even more."

Lynne Brown

Rehabilitation Program for Sam

"I recommend Canine Balance to anyone who cares about their dog’s well-being – either involved in canine sports, looking for assistance with a rehabilitation program following an accident, illness or surgery or simply want some help with making their dog feel great."

Cherie & Danny Ruben

President Koolie Club of Australia

"Sarah is an absolute gem; she had a lovely manner with Molly and made me feel at ease straight away. She loves dog’s and I would highly recommend her services to anyone."

Tina Bryson


"Canine Balance demonstrated how, through therapeutic rehabilitation exercises, we can extend our caring and love for our dog. We made a difference in his life with a health and longevity plan and the results have been outstanding. My gratitude for our lives back has been extraordinary."

Lauren Dolley

Frankston Storm Flyball Coordinator

"I’d recommend all clubs running performance activities attend this workshop. While the workshop we did was specifically targeted at flyball, the specific message could help everyone obtain exceptional results. Sarah worked with our members' dogs which showed us that it is possible to include the cross-fit exercises and stretching into our weekly schedules."

Marg Behrendt

Ralph's life back

"I would recommend Canine Balance to everyone. Look at our dog! Even his coat is shiny. In under 6 months, Ralph has totally transformed into a fitter, healthier dog AND is no longer dragging his leg. All dogs could benefit from Canine Balance’s services even if is not ill. To our relief, Ralph is rehabilitated and will continue to get checked 4 times a year as per Sarah’s recommendations."

Belinda O'Shea

Berwick Flyball & Obedience Dog Club Coordinator

"The “7 Ways Smart Canine Athletes Perform Longer In Dog Sports” Workshop was well ran, interactive and especially relevant for our competition dogs.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this workshop to other flyball clubs, or other sporting groups who would like to get the most out of their dogs and prevent injury."

Have fun and learn at the same time

Learning doesn't have to be face-to-face or in the classroom, anymore!


It can be done anywhere: on your lunch break at work, on holiday, in the comfort of your own home - your choices are endless ...
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