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Hello, I'm Sarah McFarlane.

I've always loved dogs, but I struggled when it came to sitting back and watching them in pain every time they injured themselves - I felt helpless to alleviate their suffering.

But it motivated me into learning about Myofunctional Therapy and training to become a Canine Rehabilitation Therapist.

I love that I can now help my dogs, and other dogs, and teach their owners, to take care of their beloved animals.  Because let's face it, dogs just don't live long enough.

Let's make every day the most comfortable, pain-free day of their lives.

My Story

I love dogs and want the best for you and your canine.

That's why I founded Canine Balance - a natural approach to dog health™.

I help busy dog owners develop healthy mobility in their dogs, increasing vitality and longevity.

Whether you have a beloved companion or a sports dog, Canine Balance will provide effective, safe, achievable massage and fitness programs for you and your dog.
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The Latest from the Blog

How to Bring a Dog Back from Injury

Has your dog injured itself and you have not been able to get him/her, well right?  Are they hesitant to jump up or go downstairs?  Does your dog present lameness after a big run at the park?  Or perhaps they are limping for 3-5 steps after rest and then seem to walk it off.  On a daily basis, Canine Balance is asked by dog owners about dog injuries.

NEW Dog Therapy Locations in 2019

Are our NEW dog therapy locations in your area? 2019 brings exciting growth by adding 5 new locations on a regular basis.  Over 2018 Canine Balance has met and been working with a lot of fabulous people to make this a reality.  We are proud to announce that we have confirmed locations and dates for 2019 to provide our services.

Why Dogs & Slippery Floors are Bad

Dogs & Slippery Floors – Why are they BAD and what problems occur?  In the last 10 years, it has become the norm for many of our beloved dogs to live indoors.  Whether on the couch for cuddles, sleeping in our beds, chewing on toys in the living room, or with their heads sniffing in the fridge every time it’s opened, our dogs are spending more time inside as part of the family.

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