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Senior Dog Treatment     

Mobility is the foundation of quality of life for your dog

Dogs don’t live long enough!!!  There is no better experience than calling your dog’s name while it happily comes bouncing to you in response. Nevertheless, what exactly would you do if the mobility of your dog becomes limited because of age?  Mobility is actually the foundation of the quality of life for your dog.

When your dog is not able to climb the stairs, jump on and off the furniture and go out on a long walk, it can really be heartbreaking. What about when your dog is flopping its body into a sit or drop position or pulling up sore after a walk? If ever this is an issue with your older dog, never just assume that it is due to old age and that there is nothing that could be done.

At Canine Balance, your dog will be introduced to techniques that assess and treat mobility issues and provide pain relief.  A new fact of life is Canine Massage can provide astonishing results within the hour.  Too good to be true?  We also work with veterinarians as we understand that both complements desired results of staying young and active.

Caring for your senior dogs

Your dog may be struggling with regular daily tasks like getting up and down because their mobility is reduced by:

  • Arthritis
  • Rear leg weakness either trembling or giving way under them
  • Experiencing back pain as their back legs sit out to one side.
  • Stiff muscles – Old injuries left untreated
  • Inflexible joints
  • Chronic arthritis – Stopping on walks

If ever this is an issue with your older dog, never simply assume that it is due to old age and that there is nothing that could be done

We make old dogs feel like puppies again!

With the treatment we offer, the condition of your dog will be improved.  We do this by:

  1. Assessment of soft tissue and neurological awareness
  2. Massage & Stretching therapy
  3. A 30-day exercise program and diet plan

It will get your dog back to its normal healthy condition and improve mobility and longevity.  It will make old dogs feel like puppies again… which means you can spend more time with your canine friend at the park, going for longer walks without risking pain, stiffness, muscle tension or fatigue.

Just because your dog is older, it doesn’t mean they should slow down, be left at home or be left on the floor because they can’t get up onto furniture.  Leaving your dog at home because you want to go for a walk is upsetting not only to you but also to your dog.  There are many other ways to keep your special bond going with your older dog, and it can still be fun and rewarding for you both.

Arthritis can be painful and, over time, if left untreated, can cause weakness resulting in your dog being unable to walk, run, jump or play, which is upsetting for the whole family.

Let us show you how to make little changes to your dogs’ daily exercise, diet and treatment program to keep them moving pain-free every day and living a long, happy life together.

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