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Dr Chris Zink Melbourne 2017

workshops Oct 19, 2017

Canine Balance proudly sponsors Coaching the Canine Athlete Seminar


Coaching the Canine Athlete© seminars provide information on how the canine body works, and what you can do to improve performance and keep your dog healthy and injury-free. The seminar is geared toward those interested in any or all performance sports including agility, flyball, dancing with dogs, obedience, etc

The seminars are highly interactive and provide ample opportunity for all attendees to participate in structure and gait analysis, lameness evaluation, conditioning exercises and jump training. Seminar format alternates between lecture (incl. videos etc) time and work activities. There is abundant opportunity to ask questions and participate. There will be a limited no of spots for participants who wish to participate with their dogs.

It’s $330 and that includes a number of special things:

  1. Two days with the world-renowned Dr Chris Zink
  2. Limited to 40 people providing an up close and personal experience for any questions
  3. Understanding your dog’s physical advantages and disadvantages for performance
  4. Using simple observation tools and training sequences to test your dog’s musculoskeletal health
  5. The five components of a fitness program for canine athletes
  6. Here in Melbourne so limited travel expenses
  7. Morning Tea, Lunch and refreshments provided on both days
  8. Sponsored goodies and the opportunity to buy products and services at show specials prices

For further info check out our Workshops

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